Dental lasers

Dental lasers are high-tech devices that use light energy to perform many dental procedures.

Lasers have a number of advantages over conventional methods in dentistry – a quick healing process, painless treatment that eliminates the need for anesthesia, and the results are faster and more effective.

We have a variety of laser systems for diagnosis, prevention, treatment, physiotherapy and digital scanning.

Diode laser

The diode laser is an intraoral soft tissue laser that has bactericidal and biostimulating effects. It is successfully used for laser teeth whitening, frenulotomy, gingivotomy, crown plastics, periodontal treatment, laser curettage, implant detection, treatment of canker sores, root canal treatments. It is used for cutting and coagulation of soft tissues, removal of benign formations such as papillomas, fibroids, gingival growths and incisions in inflammatory foci. It has a very good hemostatic effect.

Er:YAG dental laser Fotona

The high-energy Er: YAG laser is a revolutionary system that has many applications on both soft and hard fabrics.

Extremely effective treatment of caries, without pain and without the need for anesthesia. The beam, aimed at the carious mass, non-contact and selectively attacks and evaporates only the area affected by bacteria. The effect is achieved by evaporating the H2O molecule. The laser has a bactericidal effect by sterilizing only the area it touches, there is no danger of affecting healthy tissue or an adjacent tooth – a minimally invasive technique is used.

It has a unique system for disinfection and sterilization of infected root canals, and is used in endodontic surgery.

It is also used for laser removal of veneers, reconstruction of the gingiva, correction of gingival pockets, removal of tartar, whitening of gums.

Nd-Yag dental laser Fotona

This type of laser is high energy. It is used in numerous soft tissue procedures and laser treatment of periodontal diseases.

Extremely successful treatment of gingivitis and periodontitis. The laser affects the gram-negative bacteria in the pocket and eliminates them.

Laser light stimulates natural biological processes, tissue regeneration, has a bactericidal effect, and recovery is fast and painless.

Treatment of snoring and sleep apnea with the Fotona Er:YAG and Nd-Yag laser

The laser also presents an excellent solution for snoring and sleep apnea disorders.

Snoring is the vibration of respiratory structures while sleeping, combined with the resulting sound due to obstructed air movement during breathing. It’s been stated that 75% of snoring cases also involve sleep apnea, in which breathing is disrupted for short periods. This increases the risk of developing coronary heart diseases, and also leads to other problems, such as relationship breakdowns. Conventional treatments have included everything from oral appliances to uvuloplastic operations, radiofrequency tissue ablation, CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) masks and alternative medicine.

Minimally invasive dentistry, with the use of a laser, now gives us the option for performing non-ablative Er:YAG tightening of the uvula, soft palate and surrounding tissues with a fractional laser handpiece. This treatment, called NightLase™, is provided by Fotona.

NightLase® treatment is an innovative laser procedure used to improve the quality of a patient’s sleep by reducing snoring and improving mild obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). It is non-invasive and performed without anesthetic. There is no recovery period and the procedure is patient-friendly.

Snoring and OSA can present in many forms, including muscle and joint pain, excessive grinding and wear of teeth, erosion and tooth decay. Treatment of OSA is important as it causes impaired cognitive function and quality of life, daytime sleepiness, diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease, amongst other disorders.

We have found this treatment can also be used for a continuum of sleep-disordered breathing conditions not characterized by either snoring or mild apnea. Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome, hypopneas and even severe sleep apnea can display marked reductions of all indices, dramatically improving the quality of a patients’ sleep.

Laser-assisted periodontal preparation is an 8-step procedure:

  1. Periodontal examination
  2. Applying a local anesthetic
  3. Laser curettage
  4. Cleaning tartar
  5. Periodontal pocket washes with 5 medications
  6. Ozone therapy of periodontal pockets
  7. Polishing with Airflow
  8. Calcium restorative therapy of dental surfaces
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