Dentosophy (functional orthodontics)

What is “Dentosophy”?

“Dentosophy” is an innovative therapy with a holistic approach, which allows children and adults not only to fix their bite, but also to improve their overall health.

Dentosophy is a dental therapy that establishes the connection between the mouth and the rest of the body, physical, organic and psycho-emotional. The name “Dentosophie” comes from the combination of the Latin word “dens” – tooth and the Greek “Sophie” – wisdom. It literally means “Wisdom of the teeth.” Dentosophy was created as a result of research and clinical observations conducted since 1984 by dentists Dr. Roderick Mathieu and Dr. Michel Monto.

According to Dentosophy, the mouth plays a central role in the balance and health of the whole body and mind. This is an innovative dental therapy, characterized by its holistic approach to straightening teeth and biting, through functional techniques. It can treat almost all dental deformities, avoiding tooth extraction and is designed to restore balance in the mouth to restore overall harmony in the body.

How is the therapy performed?

Our teeth are our allies – they reflect strong stress and other strong emotions. In a sense, we can compare them to the dashboard light in our car, which lights up when we run out of gas. If we do not pay attention to it, our journey will be hindered.

The therapy is performed with the help of a “multifunctional activator” – a smooth device made of rubber, which is placed in the mouth. It is worn 2-3 times a day, during which the patient does certain exercises with the mouth for chewing and swallowing, and at night while we sleep, when on a subconscious level the brain repeats the exercises set during the day.

How does it work?

Physically, Dentosophy therapy works by regulating and re-educating nasal breathing and the position of the tongue during speaking and swallowing. As a result of the correct adjustment of the position of the teeth and jaws, the patient’s face is moved vertically, improving his aesthetics, as well as the position of the spine and his posture is straightened. By normalizing the patient’s breathing, the amount of oxygen reaching the lungs increases. As a result of the therapy with “Dentosophy” a number of diseases and symptoms are cured (postural problems and muscle pain, back pain, headache, ENT diseases, asthma, lung diseases, eczema, some types of allergies, depression, hyperactivity, snoring, difficulty concentrating, chronic fatigue, etc.).

What is the role of the patient?

The mental work of the patient, cut into his will, perseverance, desire and attitude, supported by wearing this device at night, as well as daily exercise during the day, not only allows the teeth to straighten, but also causes a complete transformation in the body, on a physical and mental level.

Patience and perseverance are crucial in this approach, as the patient has full participation. If the therapy with “Dentosophy” causes a transformation, then the patient is the one who, thanks to his will and perseverance, realizes the change on his body, his life and his smile.

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