Reconstruction of Missing Bone

Having beautiful and healthy teeth boosts your self-confidence, well-being and personal appeal in your professional and private life. Our dental clinic in Sofia carefully plans how to replace and treat our patients’ diseased teeth in order to give them the best quality of life possible.

Reconstruction of a missing bone can ensure the beauty and function of your teeth. Our cosmetic dentists abroad utilize natural materials that are durable and lasting to help you rebuild your smile.

Bone Reconstruction

How can bone be reconstructed? That’s a good question. Human bone is capable of regeneration, but it typically requires assistance in order for the process to be successful. The reconstruction process is applied to damaged bone in cases of periodontal disease or as a step preceding implantation.
If a patient has deep periodontal pockets and bone defects, then our dentist office in Sofia, Bulgaria will perform a subsequent placement of the bone void filler and reabsorbed membrane. This restores the bone and removes any inflammation from the pockets.

Sinus Lift
PRF permits to get fibrin clots rich in platelets and growth factors.(PDGF, TGF Beta, VEGF, Throbospondin 1).

A sinus lift is used in cases where a patient has a shortage of bone in the lateral sections of the upper jaw. This is a surgical method in which a small hole is made in the sinus and then our cosmetic dentists for those in Bulgaria and abroad insert a calculated amount of bone matter. This process occurs on the day of your implantation or as a preliminary stage of the treatment.

In other cases, the increase of bone volume is done by adding a piece of bone taken from another section of the oral cavity, which is fastened with screws and/or titanium membranes.

PRF Membrane

Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) is a fibrin matrix that serves as a resorbable membrane and can be used as a healing aid in dentistry.

Fibrin plays a key role in the bone and soft tissue healing process. Over the course of seven days, the fibrin promotes growth factors that slowly release cells. The Sofia smile center’s slow release process explains the amazing success Master Dent has had with PRF.

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