Laser treatment of periodontal disease (gingivitis, periodontitis)

Periodontology is a branch of dental medicine that deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the dental apparatus of the tooth – crown, bone, dental cementum and connective tissue fibers that make the connection between them.

Our main goal is to keep the periodontium of our patients healthy throughout their lives through regular prevention and regular care to maintain their oral hygiene.

We have a high-energy specialized Nd-Yag laser, thanks to which we successfully treat periodontal diseases (gingivitis and periodontitis).

Modern periodontology offers ways for the successful treatment of periodontal diseases, as well as the restoration of already lost tissues.

Laser treatment of periodontitis is a modern method by which with the help of a high-energy laser (Nd-Yag) effective primary cleansing of the inflamed gum tissue is achieved. The laser acts on the anaerobic bacteria in the pocket and removes them.

After the laser treatment, the tartar is cleaned below and above the gums.

Tooth polishing
A fine jet polishes, whitens and smoothes tooth enamel.

Bio-soluble chip for placement in periodontal pockets, which for 3 months emits the drug Chlorhexidin and heals the pocket in depth.

Microbiological test
Periodontitis is caused by 5 groups of pathogenic microorganisms. They are gram-negative anaerobes and can be examined and visualized with a precise DNA test. Sampling is performed by placing a sterile paper pin in the area of ​​the pockets. It is then sent to a specialized laboratory in Germany and the results arrive within 3-5 working days electronically.

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