Micro Dentistry

Our dental clinic in Bulgaria’s practice has a philosophy centered on micro dentistry. We focus on detecting and treating dental cavities at the earliest stages possible. Our cosmetic dentists abroad are also highly trained and skilled at working with new and innovative technology such as diagnostic lasers that detect tooth decay.

Our dentist in Sofia’s micro dentistry approach promotes good oral hygiene and health for life. Micro dentistry, or minimally invasive medicine (minimal intervention dentistry), is a recognized worldwide trend in modern dental treatment and is based on the principle of early diagnosis and treatment with minimal damage to the healthy tissue.

Micro dentistry was introduced for the first time in 1970 with the invention of liquid sealing materials (composites). In recent years, micro dentistry has developed into a method that is applied in order to achieve long-lasting results with minimal invasion.

Our smile dental clinic in Sofia, Bulgaria seldom sees new patients with perfect teeth. Almost every tooth has a crack somewhere. Incomplete diagnosis and treatment can lead to big problems, so we increasingly turn to the most modern methods available.


•Replacement of the traditional oral cavity excavation procedure.

•The diagnosis of dental decay is performed at an early stage.

•Teeth remain alive, even after multiple treatments.

•Painless and easier treatment.

•Anesthesia is not required as manipulations in the early stages of dental decay are mainly in the enamel.

Cosmetic Contouring
This is a method that enables you to change the shape of the front teeth by adding or removing certain sections of enamel. Cosmetic contouring is the perfect treatment for minor and larger fractures because it does not require the use of anesthesia, and the size of the tooth operation area is minimal – just enough to ”smooth out” the sharp edges. The time and cost associated with this procedure are extremely minimal. Once treatment is complete, there are no additional procedures required.

In some situations, however, cosmetic contouring may not be the best treatment option. If you’re concerned about your smile line, the shaping of the contours may manipulate it. Additionally, if a piece of a tooth is removed or shortened, its neighboring teeth will also be reduced in size so that they all match in size and shape. In the natural ageing process, the smile line becomes flatter, and this type of procedure may result in a person looking older than their age.

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