Orthodontic treatment

Orthodontics is a branch of dental medicine that deals with the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of dental anomalies and deformities.

Orthodontic treatment can be performed with non-removable fixed equipment (metal or aesthetic braces) or with removable orthodontic appliances.

The braces are fixed to the patient’s teeth, connected to each other by a metal arch and rubber bands. They can be placed both on the outer (vestibular braces or so-called buccal orthodontics) and on the inner surface of the teeth. As in the second way of placement the braces are not noticeable and the aesthetics of the patient is not disturbed, these are the so-called lingual braces (lingual orthodontics).

Metal braces – this is the most traditional type of fixed technique that everyone has heard of and is a classic orthodontic solution. They are extremely strong and are made of various noble and non-noble alloys.

Aesthetic braces – the difference with metal braces is that the aesthetic ones are made of a material whose color is the same as the teeth or are transparent, which makes them almost invisible. They can be ceramic, composite or sapphire.

Inman Aligner is a removable device for quick arrangement of the front 4 teeth. The treatment is very short with a duration of only 6-16 weeks and is ideal for patients who want to improve their smile without wearing a fixed technique (braces) for a long period of time. It is ideal both for self-treatment and as a basis for subsequent manipulations such as bonding and veneers. The device is removable so that the patient can maintain good oral hygiene.


Functional orthodontic appliances

Functionally operating orthodontic appliances are most effective during the peak growth of the child’s body, when it is possible to influence the growth of the child’s upper and lower jaw.

These are removable devices that support the formation of dental arches, correct intermaxillary proportions and improve the profile and facial aesthetics by using the natural forces of growth and muscle contractions. They support and improve the processes of swallowing, breathing and sleep, as well as increase energy levels.

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