Dental Sealants

What is dental sealant? Dental sealant is a thin coating of plastic that is painted onto chewing surfaces. The procedure is typically done to the back teeth to help prevent tooth decay.

What does sealant do? Sealant creates a physical barrier preventing cavity-causing bacteria from invading the cracks and crevices of teeth chewing surfaces.

What does the process look like? 
Our dental treatment for Bulgarian and abroad patients alike does not require any drilling or removing of teeth. The process is simple, and is completed in three steps. Our dentist in Sofia will first clean the tooth with a special toothpaste. Next, a cleansing formula will be rubbed on the tooth and then washed off. Lastly, the sealant is painted onto the tooth. The sealant forms a protective shield in approximately one minute.

Who need dental sealants?
Children and teenagers are good candidates for sealants due to the likelihood of these individuals developing decay within the depressions and grooves of their molars and premolars. That being said, adults who do not have fillings or decay in their molars can also benefit from getting sealants at our dental clinic in Bulgaria.
It’s recommended that children get sealants on their permanent teeth as soon as possible. This allows their teeth to be protected from cavities during the years they are most likely to get them, from ages 6 to 14.

How long will sealants last?
A sealant application can last for as long as five to 10 years. It’s important to have sealants checked regularly, in order to monitor wearing and chipping. The sealants can easily be replaced as needed.

Are sealants invisible?
Sealants can only be seen upon close examination. They are typically clear, white or slightly tinted in color. Sealants are usually not visible when a child is talking or smiling because they are almost always on the back of the teeth.

Are dental sealants a replacement for fluoride?
No, dental sealants are not a replacement for fluoride. Although fluorides and sealants have the same goal, to help prevent decay, fluoride really works best on tooth surfaces that are smooth. Back teeth chewing surfaces are covered with tiny grooves where decay usually starts and thrives. That’s when the benefits of sealants shine, because they can keep bacteria-causing cavities out of the grooves with their plastic coating. It’s best to utilize both sealants and fluoride, as they work together to help prevent tooth decay.

For questions or more information about dental sealants, contact Master Dent’s dental clinic at 359-2 958 48 41. If you are a patient interested in treatments abroad, please fill out our contact form below.

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