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Inman Aligner

The newest device for fast teeth straightening.

The incredible Inman Aligner is a revolutionary orthodontic treatment that straightens teeth in a matter of weeks. The Inman Aligner represents cutting-edge orthodontics care and can straighten the front teeth in just 6-18 weeks. This removable device generates forces which squeeze the teeth into position quickly and comfortably. The aligner is suitable for mild crowding on the front teeth and is ideal for patients eager to improve smile aesthetics without wearing braces for a long period of time. The Inman Aligner is removable so patients can eat what they want and stick to their usual oral hygiene routine.

New technology

Straighten your teeth for 6-18 weeks.

Our dental clinic is the only representative of Inman Aligner in Bulgaria, with the fastest results and the best price . So far, over 20,000 patients worldwide have been treated with Inman Aligner.

Start of treatment

Our certified dentist will consult you as to if you are a good candidate for the Inman Aligner. Impressions of your teeth will be taken so that your Inman Aligner can be created at the lab.

Treatment plan

Your Inman Aligner will be created in a laboratory and sent back to our clinic.

Treatment and monitoring

You must now wear your aligner for around 16-20 hours per day. You will have regular check ups at 2-3 months intervals.

Questions and answers

«The fastest device»

Our patients change their smile in a matter of weeks and are extremely pleased with the benefits of Inman Aligner – short treatment, removable device, more flexibility, comfort, an effective one-device treatment system.

What is Inman Aligner?

The Inman Aligner is a teeth straightening appliance that is able to straighten the front teeth with precision and speed. The aligner is removable and is the perfect treatment as a stand alone solution or to pre-align teeth before further cosmetic treatment such as dental veneers.

How does it work?

The aligner is partly made up of specially designed nickel titanium alloy springs. These are in charge of providing some force to the aligner bows that gently oppose each other and pushing the teeth into the desired position in the process. The force that is generated by the aligner bows works over a large range of movement which is the key factor that makes the Inman Aligner work as quickly as it does.

What can the Inman Aligner do?

Inman Aligner is ideal for those suffering misalignment of the front teeth. This can be due to; crowding, protrusion, rotations or cross-bites. Great for correcting teeth of those people who stopped wearing their retainer after previously having braces. Can be a stand-alone treatment or used with other cosmetic services such as whitening, veneers or bonding.

Is Inman Aligner comfortable to wear?

With any orthodontic treatment there will be a little discomfort to begin with. This is due to the big change that your mouth has to deal with. Not only the fact that the teeth are moving but also that there is something new sat around your teeth. Generally, any discomfort alleviates after a few days.

How often will I need to wear the Inman Aligner?

In most cases this will be for around 16-20 hours per day. If you choose to wear it for less than the allotted time then your treatment may stall and take longer than you had anticipated.

What is the price of Inman Aligner?

The Inman Aligner is one of the most cost effective teeth straightening options out there. It is possible that the cost of treatment can vary depending on the complexity of the case and the amount of visits to the dentist you will need during your treatment.


What our patients share about our work.

Пиша ви най-вече, за да ви благодаря за отличната работа по моите зъби и по тези на съпруга ми. Вашият висок професионализъм, перфекционизъм, мило отношение, коректност и не на последно място – позитивизъм, ви издигат високо над равнището на обикновените стоматолози. Приятната обстановка, хубавата музика и симпатичните ви екипи също допринесоха за задоволството ни.

Петя Ценова

Останах изключително доволен. Лечението ми все още не е приключило, но усмивката ми вече е коренно променена и имам много повече самочувствие сега. Благодаря на Д-р Тасева и целия екип на Master Dent за безупречния професионализъм, коректност и изключително добро отношение по време на целия процес на лечение.


Отлично отношение и безкомпромисно следване на поставените цели! Бих препоръчала клиника Мастер Дент и Др.Тасева на всички, които имат колебания във връзка с възможни алтернативи за изправяне на зъбите. В клиниката работят едни от най-добрите ортодонти, които вместо да констатират проблемите, могат и ви предлагат реални и конкретни решения.

А. Цветкова


How does Inman Aligner work?

The video shows how Inman Aligner can help you achieve the smile you deserve.


The smile you deserve.

To find out if Inman Aligner is the right option for you, make an appoitment at (+359) 2 958 48 41 and 0888 931 082 or fill out the contact form below. Our dental clinic is the only representative of Inman Aligner in Bulgaria.

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