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Ozone Therapy

Ozone is a naturally occurring transient that our cosmetic dentists serving patients from Bulgaria and abroad utilize, and it provides many benefits to our clients. Ozone therapy is commonly used for a variety of medical conditions including rheumatoid arthritis, osteomyelitis, cellulites, allergies, acne, AIDS, Parkinson’s disease, hepatitis, and oral infections.

Ozone offers immense benefits and facilitates healing by stimulating natural immune defenses and helping to improve blood flow. The byproduct also produces transient oxidative burst, which is a reaction that occurs in tissue and is harmless to the human body but is capable of abolishing microorganisms that trigger diseases and viruses.

Ozone therapy is beneficial in dental care, as it may be used as an oral rinse prior to treatment in order to disinfect an area. It can also be a primary treatment for a patient. It’s applied as a gas or a liquid, and our cosmetic dentists abroad utilize both forms. This application is entirely dependent on the needs of the patient.

Our dental clinic in Bulgaria uses ozone therapy to disinfect teeth with cavities and to disinfect patients’ root canals prior to fillings. You won’t have to worry about feeling pain as dental ozone therapy is a pain-free treatment option that has many other benefits, including the following:

•There are no drills or fillings.

•The treatment eliminates the use of anesthetics.

•Ozone therapy kills 99 percent of bacteria in cavities.

•Ozone is excellent for nervous or anxious patients.

For more information about oxygen therapy, contact Master Dent’s cosmetic dentistry office in Sofia, Bulgaria. at (+359) 2 958 48 41.

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Отлично отношение и безкомпромисно следване на поставените цели! От личен опит мога да потвърдя, че е трудно и отнема време докато един пациент открие правилния екип от лекари, които да се ангажират искрено и да припознаят случая му като важен за тях. В Мастер Дент работят амбицирани и мотивирани личности, които вместо да констатират проблемите, могат и ви предлагат реални и конкретни решения.

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